Since 1996, Devon Management has been setting a new standard of excellence, comfort and quality in affordable senior and multi-family housing. With 21 communities serving as home to more than 3,500+ people – and multiple new projects on the drawing board – we’re used to hearing residents declare: “I love my home!

And that’s because we’re dedicated to building and maintaining the quality living environments everyone deserves – without compromising affordability.

How do we do that? By building value into every decision, whether that means location, design, amenities, environment or basic fundamentals. We listen to our residents when they tell us the lifestyle they want. We know what people like to find in a neighborhood. So we’re particular about every aspect of every community because they deserve nothing less than a community that constantly raises the bar in affordable housing.

From our first community in Warwick to the latest projects in Middletown and Monticello, one principle has always remained the same: We are committed to the highest standard of living for every resident, every day – no matter what that takes.

It starts with location. We don’t just build wherever there’s a piece of land, or even wherever there’s a good piece of land. Peoples’ lives don’t take place only where they live, so we make sure they have ready access to groceries, churches, schools, health care services and the many other services that help make for a full and satisfying life.

We’re passionate about safety and security, too. From the security cameras to the trained staff and the building design, we know how to give you a living environment where you’ll feel safe.

Community is crucial. In addition to our spacious and comfortable units, Devon community members also enjoy common sitting areas with TVs, kitchens, and plenty of opportunity to form and develop friendships with neighbors.

There’s a reason we have the lowest vacancy rating in the marketplace. These are the characteristics seniors and families are looking for, and we make sure to deliver them every time, in every community.

It’s what makes Devon different, and in high demand. So call us today at 845-986-6701, or go to our application page to apply. We’re growing, and you don’t want to miss the chance to join the happy, satisfied community that declares with pride, “I live in a Devon community!