Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to hear from people with questions about our Devon communities and senior apartments, but to save you some time, you might find the answer to your question right here!

Do you have elevators?
Yes. With the exception of two of our communities (Northgate Manor, in Goshen; and Devon Woods, in Warwick), all our communities are equipped with elevators.

How many people can live in a three-bedroom apartment?
One of our three-bedroom units can accommodate up to six people.

Do you do credit and/or background checks?
Yes, in compliance with applicable laws and regulatory guidelines.

How do I submit a completed application?
You can complete applications online.  Alternately, you can either mail it to the address of the specific Devon property you are interested in, drop it off at the same address, or fax it to that location.

Do you accept Section 8 vouchers?
Yes we do.

What if I move while I am on the waiting list?
As long as you notify us of your new address and phone number, your application status will not be affected.

What is the lease term?
All leases are for one year.

Are there income restrictions or requirements?
Yes. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development establishes income limits each year, by county, for eligibility. Applicants are subject to those limits.

What type of affordable housing program do your properties operate under?
We operate under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. The program limits rent based on the annual median income of the area where a unit is located, and provides tax credits to help make quality housing viable under these parameters.

Will I have to do a recertification annually?
Yes. The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program requires this on an annual basis.

Is there a designated smoking area?

Will transportation be available?
Each local community has its own policies on public transportation. Many of the municipalities where our communities are located do offer transportation. You will want to contact the local town hall to find out exactly what is available, and the schedules.

Is there an age restriction?
Properties designated as a Senior Property are restricted to 55+ residents. The other properties have no age restrictions.

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